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Central Michigan, often called Mid-Michigan, is a region in the Lower Peninsula of the U.S. state of Michigan. Southern Michigan can be considered as a subregion of Central Michigan. As its name implies, it is the central area of the Lower Peninsula. Lower Michigan is said to resemble a mitten, and Central Michigan corresponds roughly to the palm. The region consists mainly of farmland and some cities of moderate size.

Central Michigan's economy is primarily agricultural, and some automobile manufacturing. Major crops include corn, sugar beets, and soy beans. Until 2004, Mid-Michigan (specifically Lansing) was also known for being the location of the main Oldsmobile plant for General Motors.

The Government Shut Down Effect

There were no major potential cuts expected in Kerbuski until Monday, but the CEO of public sector consultants Jeff Williams has stated that the government shutdown will hit mid-Michigan hard and that the Michigan works will be included in those organizations that will be affected by the shutdown. The most vulnerable situation is of the federal employees. William stated "If you're among of the 7-800,000 employees, what it means is from Tuesday, you will not be getting a paycheck” the Michigan guard released its report after the shutdown and 900 technicians have a risk of losing their jobs, while 12000 other guards would probably be having less training time.


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